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Moteo Estate Trust – Notice to Owners
Tēnā koutou
The Moteo Estate Trust provides this update to our owners and whānau who have shares in the Moteo aggregation. The Trust Order requires a Meeting of Owners be convened at least every three years.
There will be an Annual General Meeting of the Trust held on Saturday 26 June 2021, commencing at 9.30am at Moteo Marae. Registrations will be open from 9am.
The agenda for the AGM is:
1. Karakia
2. Apologies
3. Minutes from previous hui
4. Chair report
5. Financial Report
6. Aggregation Report – Leo Watson (solicitor)
a. Lease update
b. Papakāinga aspirations and process of de-aggregation
c. Guest speaker on papakāinga – Tipene Heperi (Aorangi Māori
Trust Board)
d. Timeframes and Next steps
7. Discussion on trustee vacancies and timeframe/process for
8. General Business (to be notified to the chairperson in writing
by Tuesday 22 June)
The Trust also updates owners as to the current status of negotiations concerning the lease of the aggregation land.
• The existing lessee (Constellation) decided that it would not renew its lease, which ended on 31 May 2021.
• Trustees have agreed that a short term lease (1-2 years) is appropriate to allow time for full engagement with owners about long-term use of the Trust land, and to allow time for those who wish to take their lands out of the aggregation to progress that.
• Trustees have the authority to make this decision to strike an appropriate balance between continuity of income for all owners, and allowing time for different land uses in the future to be investigated.
• There have been injunctions filed in the Māori Land Court which is unfortunate. The Trustees seek resolution without litigation, and have given this assurance that no long-term lease will be entered into without providing owners the opportunity to be consulted.
For more information on this pānui, please contact the Trust by way of the Trust’s administrator email address:

Moteo Estate Trust Notice to Owners

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