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Ngāti Hinemanu ki Omahu 
Whānau claim that horticultural sprays are affecting their health and wellbeing. Orchardists say they do everything possible to keep the community safe.
#INVESTIGATION Reporter Kirsty Babington talks to those who believe the sprays used to regulate fruit production are taking a toll on their health. But with no medical evidence or long-term studies into the effect of horticultural sprays on populations to back them up, they say their concerns are going unheard.

#INVESTIGATION Hundreds of horticultural sprays are used widely here in Aotearoa and long term studies into their effects on health and the land are few and far between – the Environmental Protection Agency is charged with evaluating the chemicals and at the end of last year, put one of the most contentious Hydrogen Cyanamide on its reassessment list. It's now up to a panel to decide whether its use here in New Zealand is continued.

We continue our investigation into the widespread use of horticultural chemicals throughout Aotearoa.

Te Ao With Moana Fruit Sprays Safe or harmful We investigate

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